To assist you monitoring the quality of your coal, we provide coal analytical services which cover sampling services, coal preparation services, coal analysis, consultancy services, reporting, onsite services, and AMD services.
Sampling Services
PT. Geoservices provides various sampling services such as run of mine (ROM) sampling, conveyor belts or falling streams sampling, stockpile sampling, coal preparation plant feed, product, and refuse streams sampling, slurry sampling, in-pit channels sampling, and pre-shipment inspection. PT. Geoservices also holds license and is appointed by The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to perform DMO (Domestic Market Obligation) survey for coal quality and quantity.

Coal Preparation Studies
Coal preparation studies provided are particle size distribution analysis, washability for washing plant performance or washing plant design, and sample pretreatment (adjustment of particle size distribution and treatment in water) as prescribed in relevant Australian Standard. We also provides technical expertise to assist client in interpretation of the test and analysis result.

Coal Analysis
Our coal laboratories are able to perform a complete coal test and analysis. These are:
Complete evaluation of thermal coals, including:
● Total moisture
● Proximate analysis
● Calorific value
● Hardgrove grindability index
● Ultimate analysis
● Ash analysis
● Ash fusion temperatures
● Trace Element Analysis

Balikpapan laboratory also has the capacity to evaluate metallurgical coals, including:
● Crucible swelling number
● Gieseler fluidity
● Gray King Coke Type

Consultancy Services
Our technical advisor for coal testing can assist you to design coal testing programs for either exploration or production samples, and provides expert analysis in the interpretation of the results.

Reporting and Certificate
Reporting requirements will be discussed individually with each client. Progress reports can be provided by email or fax. Final reports are provided in hard copy in accordance with the client's requested format. CD or floppy copies are also available.
To meet client requirement, PT. Geoservices is also able to issue certificate of coal quality and quantity for either national or international shipment. The certificate issued is based on the laboratory test result and our marine surveyor witnessed.

Onsite Services
Many Indonesian coal mining activities are located in remote area with less proper infrastructure. This necessitates the temporary establishment of either mine-site or port-site laboratories. However, PT. Geoservices may provide special arrangements or contract for the establishment and operation of coal testing laboratories at remote exploration camps and mine sites. We have successfully operated coal laboratory services at remote locations through the use of equipments that is either sold or leased to the mining company.

AMD Analysis Services

Acid Mine Drainage or acid rock drainage has become a major issue in mining. Acid mine drainage which occurs as a result of mining activity plays a significant role in the environmental degradation particularly when it infiltrates into water surface, water table and soil. Prediction on the potential of acid source shall be performed at the beginning prior the commencement of mining activity so that any degradation and water contamination can be prevented.
PT. Geoservices as a company which gained wide experience in serving mining industries particularly coal committed to assist client to identify potential acid source by providing analytical services. These analysis covers:
● Acid Base Accounting
● Net Acid Generation
● Acid Neutralization Capacity
● pH and Electrical Conductivity
● Total and Pyritic Sulfur
● Minerals analysis
● Kinetic test