PT. Geoservices holds all necessary licenses to conduct cargo superintending within Indonesia and is a member of the Indonesian Association of Independent Surveyors (AISI). At present, this service is provided primarily for coal companies. PT. Geoservices is associated with several superintending companies worldwide. Among these are the Overseas Merchandise Inspection Corporation (OMIC) of Japan. PT. Geoservices maintains a pool of marine surveyors at its Jakarta office, while the Bandung laboratory staff perform sampling and analysis. Coal shipment and arrival ports services are handled by these two offices for Java and Sumatra.

Coal exported through East Kalimantan is served by the Samarinda and Balikpapan offices, each of which maintains a pool of qualified marine surveyors. Ports services include Tanjung Redeb, Bontang, Padang Bay, and Balikpapan, as well as the coal loading terminals at the mines along the Mahakam River.

Banjarbaru serves coal export facilities in Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan). In additional, coal loaded at the North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal and from the Straits Resources mine on Sebuku Island is sampled and analyzed routinely, and certificates of weight are issued accordingly.

The company's Balikpapan office has developed a complete coal testing laboratory with the capability to carry out all analysis required for coal shipment. This enables certificates of analysis to be issued within three days after completion of loading for all vessels departing East Kalimantan.

Senior marine surveyors at each site have a minimum of five years sea-going experience as well as qualifications from a recognized school of marine surveying. Sampling and analysis at all locations are conducted in accordance with the shipper's instructions, following the code of standard practice nominated by the client. British Standard, International Standard (ISO), and ASTM methods are available options. Copies of all relevant standards are kept at each office of operations.

Services offered by the Marine Division include:
● Draft survey
● On Hire/Off Hire surveys of vessels
● Towing survey and inspection
● Hold Cleanliness
● Tightness inspection

Remote Locations
Coal laboratories are required to be independent in order to supply cargo superintending services and they must be operated under contract. Under these circumstances, it is beneficial to combine the provision of cargo superintending and quality control services. In the case where marine services can be conveniently supplied from an established site, staff can be sent to operate mine-site laboratories. The staff can also train the colliery staff so that at the operation of the laboratory at long-term becomes the responsibility of the mine owner.